The mechanics prevents Pepe López from shining on the opening day of the Azores Airlines Rallye

Pepe López and Borja Rozada have started the first day of the Azores Airlines Rally, the first event of the European Rally Championship. In the morning the Qualifying Stage was held where, despite problems with the turbo discharge valve, they were the fifth best time in its category (Under 28). Already in the afternoon, at 15:21 hour of the archipelago started the first part of the first stage with four special.

Although in the first two stages times were good, Pepe already found that the power of his Peugeot 208 T16 R5 was not at the expected level. Unfortunately in the third stage was a problem in the gearbox, leaving blocked the third gear with which he had to make the two remaining sections until he could return to the attendance. Pepe and Borja finished the day in ninth place in their category.

The positive side is that only 27 of the 210 kilometers timed that make up the rally in two more days have been covered. If the mechanics accompany him, the Madrid team will have the opportunity to climb positions in what remains of the rally.

Special stage times for tomorrow:
Friday 31th
Service Park                                                                           9:53 h.
TC5 Pico da Pedra Golpe 1          7,02 km.           10:43 h.
TC6 Feteiras MEO 1                      7,46 km.             11:22 h.
TC7 Sete Cidades 1                     25,62 km.             11:53 h.
Service Park                                                                        13:38 h.
TC8 Pico da Pedra Golpe 1          7,02 km.          14:43 h.
TC9 Feteiras MEO 1                     7,46 km.             15:22 h.
TC10 Sete Cidades 1                  25,62 km.            15:53 h.
Service Park                                                                      17:06 h.