Rally Racc Spain 2016

Pepe López is forced to abandon in the Racc Rally.


The Madrid driver Peugeot España Team arrived the test of the new arrival of France, with very high morale after the great triumph in the Peugeot 208 Rally Cup where he won the title. Without almost time to get out of the car, Pepe and Borja arrived in Lleida on Monday afternoon to conduct a test day with GC Motorsport, owner of the Peugeot 208 R2, vehicle that was to dispute the rally. And without missing a single day on Tuesday they were heading to Salou, to prepare the days of recognition and then to enter the competition.

On Thursday on the first day of the RallyRACC unexpectedly things began to turn, a problem in the direction, not returning the steering wheel, making him lose much time in the Barcelona special.

He started the day on Friday with a high level of assistance from the team changing the box and the steering pump of the vehicle in the short time available in the morning service. The day also did not improve at the beginning of the TC1, Pepe was spinning in a very muddy area, setting the car and wasting much time in the incident. At the end of the special said that the engine was not quite correct, did not give the expected power, this had to add a puncture in the fourth special and to finish off the cluster of nonsense in the link broke a sleeve of the return of the Water having to stop so as not to cause major damage to the engine, thus ending this edition of the RallyRACC.

The team and driver after meeting made the decision to leave so as not to break the engine, as the possibility of fighting for the seats was no longer possible. Pepe López commented on this at the end of the day “it is better to leave it here, anyway I appreciate the effort and work of the team to have a competitive car, but this time it could not be we came very excited but from the outset things have Out of the back and this time it was best to retire before doing more damage to the mechanics. “

In principle, the next participation of Lopez and Rozada will be the Rallye du Var, last test of the Peugeot 208 Rally Cup in France, also having the possibility to participate in the Wales Rally GB but still pending decision by the team.