Pepe López spectacular comeback in the last day of the Azores Airlines Rallye

The last day of the Azores Airlines Rallye by Pepe López and Borja Rozada is one of those who make history. He started from the 15th position with which he finished on Friday, after accumulating problems with the power steering since Thursday. The gearbox was also locked in the third gear of its Peugeot 208 T16 R5 plus a penalty of 1:40 by delay on the departure of the assistance on Friday morning, because the mechanics needed extra time for repair .

But on the day of Saturday where practically no one thought that the comeback would be impossible, Pepe and Borja set out to show us that if you could and stretch after section gave us a demonstration of piloting, and confidence in them, achieving great times and constantly climbing positions . They left from the 8th position in the (Under 28) but already in the first section with terrible conditions of fog, rain and mud the Madrid gave a piloting recital. As new and more difficult stretches were arriving Pepe and Borja were more grown, being always in the lead times even in the last stage of the rally. At that moment put the cherry getting his first scratch in the European Rally Championship.

He finally reached the end of the race with a third position in the (Under 28) and fourth in the overall rally. Pepe has demonstrated why he is the current champion of the Peugeot 208 Rally Cup, being one of the youngest drivers also in the ERC and with an impressive future projection. In Azores has added some points that can be very important for the championship.


Final Classification  (Under 28)

1st M. Griebel – S. Kopczyk

2nd J. Moffett – J. Fulton              +3:16.5

3rd Pepe López – B. Rozada      +4:31.5

4th N. Gryazin – Y. Fedorov        +4:36.5

5th R. Simacis – A. Simins             +5:59.4

6th LM. Rego – N. Rodrigues     +8:43.1

Final General Classification

1st B. Magalhaes – H. Magalhaes

2nd M. Griebel – S. Kopczyk                 +1:34.4

3rd J. Moffett – J. Fulton                       +4:50.9

4th Pepe López – B. Rozada               +6:05.9

5th N. Gryazin – Y. Fedorov                 +6:10.9