Pepe López made a good rally while the mechanics accompanied him

Pepe López and Borja Rozada went to neighboring France to play the last race of the year, the Rallye du Var, with more than 170 participants and a lot of R5, some WRC’s and also Kit Car as the Sebastien Loeb one.

The Rallye du Var, which traditionally closes the competition in the neighboring country and most promotion Cups, makes the level of registration is very high and many level vehicles that dispute the test.

Pepe and Borja traveled there with the Calm Competició team and their Peugeot 208 R5 16T, to play the three days of rally, with 14 stages in total, with 180 kilometers timed and with 23 vehicles within the R5 category.

It was not possible to shoot before the race, so the setting at the Madrid rider’s pleasure was not ideal, considering that the car he has driven in the ERC has some differences with this unit moved to France. The first day began with three sections, where he was always in the top ten, and finishing eighth despite some problems in the front differential, plus some problems with the steering to be different from the one used to use.

On the second day – the longest of the rally with seven special stages – things started to work better, little by little putting the car to his liking, while also setting good times – including a third and a fifth best time – and practically always staying in the seventh position among the R5.

When the day arrived on Sunday – leaving only four stretches to dispute – the differential problems came back. This time it was the rear spit oil to the wheels of the rear axle, which came to cause several tops that made climbing impossible and enter the top five, which a priori was more than possible, having to desist when it was sixth. Finally they finished in tenth place and first among the Peugeot 208 R5 16T participants.

The Madrid driver showed once again that the pace and speed has it and when he can count on a good car he is always in outstanding positions.

We hope that soon we can announce the new program of Pepe López and Borja Rozada for the 2018 season.