Pepe López leads the (U28) European Rally Championship

The first day of the Rally Islas Canarias, the second round of the European Rally Championship, this time on the abrasive canary and asphalt together with a capricious climatology have made a day very complicated for the drivers.

But Pepe and Borja have come out very mentalized since the first mile, aware that if you want the final prize you have to know how to compete in all areas, with the mind always in the final goal. And they have. They came out very strong at the start of the day scoring two straight in the first two stages. Then the Madrid driver chained three stages to get the second position to finish in the Super Special stage of Las Palmas again with another scratch, doing 3 of 6 and winning the first stage that gives a few points despicable.

Pepe commented to us at the end of the stage : “I think we have made a good stage, in difficult stretches always with our head and thinking about what we are really interested, that is only the Under 28. All the team is here to win this category and we want to try. We are aware that in order to do this, we must collect the maximum points in each test, and that means going fast as we have demonstrated today but at the same time not making mistakes. We are happy, and we hope to continue tomorrow “

Classification Under 28

1st. Pepe López – B. Rozada
2nd. S. Michel – J. Degot                   +9.3
3rd. M. Griebel – S. Kopczyk         +45.9
4th. S. Pernia – C. Del Barrio     +1:12.7
5th. N. Gryazin – Y. Fedorov      +1:16.8