Pepe López gets a partial victory in the last stage of the day.

The Madrid driver arrived in Latvia with the intention of consolidating the second place of the championship. The test on land in very fast sections, initially would not be the best terrain for the Peugeot 208 R5 T16, which in the early stages realized that they had a gear ratio too short to reach the required top speeds in these tracks.

In spite of it, Pepe Lopez would mark some good cronos getting to be during all the day ahead of his teammate, who ran in identical conditions. Even in the last stage, the urban section where the exchange rate did not penalize so much, managed to be the best, not only in its category but in the general one, giving once more samples of its driving.

This second position (Under 28) makes the Madrid occupy the fifth position in the general, waiting to rise tomorrow with a victory in the category, more than deserved.