Pepe López finishes the Barum Czech Rally Zlin

The Madrid rider returns to score points in the (Under 28) in the fight for the runner-up due to lack of only two tests.

Most likely the Barum Czech Rally Zlin, will not be one of those tests to remember for Pepe Lopez and Borja Rozada, but if to draw conclusions and look positively to the future. The fact of being able to perform all the test in a surface like the Czech one – absolutely different from the habitual ones – make that the accumulation of kilometers enriches the sporting trajectory of both.

The season was not going to be easy, nor little disputed, but Pepe has managed to overcome all the adversities found along the way and after four scoring runs for the championship, he is in second place and still has options for the runner-up.

In this test, the Barum Czech Rally Zlin, was seen from the beginning that it would not be a rally where to fight for the podium. Once the real situation of the test was assumed, Pepe took the rest of the test with his mind set on the championship, the fact of rolling his eyes on obtaining points and knowing a new test in addition to taking maximum confidence in the car.

The best has been the sum of points and bringing the Peugeot 208 R5 16T to the goal intact. In three weeks there is a new test of the championship, it will be in Italy with more Mediterranean sections. Here will have a new opportunity Pepe and Borja to demonstrate the speed over the R5.