In the second day the problems remain in the Peugeot of Pepe López

Pepe López and Borja Rozada began the second day of the same form that finished the one of yesterday. Already in the first attendance was detected a fault in the assisted steering that forced them to penalize 1:40 minutes when needing the mechanics of an extra time to leave the car in conditions for the competition.

Six sections ahead in two loops of three sections that were repeated. From the first section Pepe saw how his problems were coming back and they would not stop all day, having to go from one stretch to the next, always with great care, since the direction hardened in any curve, with the consequent risk of leaving.

The Madrid driver showed great maturity, having to drive almost 90 kilometers timed in these conditions without having any outstanding incident. Even Pepe and Borja in the long stretch got a second and third best time in the two passes. Giving a sample that without the mechanical problems and without the penalty would be with the group head.

The day of tomorrow with 103 kilometers timed ahead divided into six sections. After half the race, and although the comeback will not be easy, but Pepe has the opportunity to continue fighting, and taking experience and try to score as many points as possible.

General Clasification after 1st leg.

1º N. Gryazin – Y. Fedorov

2º M. Griebel – S. Kopczyk           +2.8

3º J. Moffett – J. Fulton           +1:11.9

4º J. Cerry – P. Cemoorsky      +1:41.8

5º T. Kasperczyk – D. Syty       +2:27.5

6º LM. Rego – N. Rodrigues   +2:38.8

7º R. Simacis – A. Simins        +2:57.0

8º Pepe López – B. Rozada     +3:37.0

9º J.A. Suárez – C. Carrera     +6:42.5

2nd LEG

Saturday 1st

Service Park                                                                     8:38 h.

TC11 Graminhais 1                      21,01 km.        10:08 h.

TC12 Tronqueira 1                       21,96 km.        10:58 h.

TC13 Grupo Marques 2                3,95 km.        12:34 h.

Service Park                                                                     13:40 h.

TC14 Vila Franca Sao Brás 2     13,47 km.       15:03 h.

TC15 Gramihais 2                       21,01 km.          15:58 h.

TC16 Tronqueira 2                      21,96 km.         16:48 h.

Service Park                                                                    18:39 h.